“Caring with Respect, Compassion and Understanding”

Mission Statement

With persistent caring and indefinite compassion, we strive to maintain consumer independence without interrupting routines and surroundings, with the ability to understand ones needs in providing Absolute Care.We are committed to their rights and responsibilities and aim to make a difference in the world around them, through caring and expert assistance to our community’s most vulnerable members.

Services available to you or your love one

Life Skills | Personal Support | Respite Care | Skilled Respite | Residential Nursing | Residential Habilitation | Supported Living Coaching 

Serving At-risk Youth

Homemaker & companion

Home and community based waiver services

What We Offer

Home and community based waiver services

This service provides assistance and training in activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals.

Serving At-risk Youth

This service provides training and assistance in a wide variety of activities to support individuals who live in and maintain homes or apartments of their own.

Home Maker & Companion

These services provide supervision and training that help the individual to acquire, maintain and improve skills related to activities of daily living.


Residential nursing services are provided to recipients who resident in a licensed residential facility


The goal for Absolute Care & Habilitative Services, Inc. is to create programs that will assist all individuals we serve to be able to accomplish their personal goals, regain independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. This will be accomplished by creating an environment that enhances the self-direction of individuals receiving services, maintaining open communication between staff, providers, and residents; insuring internal quality assurance through ongoing assessment; and increasing community awareness, understanding, and acceptance of individuals we serve.

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